Personalization in B2B

Next-generation AI tools are opening up new, easier ways for B2B companies to serve their customers in a personalized way – one-to-one, at scale, omnichannel, and on demand.

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Personalization in B2B e-commerce

Unlock the full potential of personalized B2B e-commerce

Influenced by their experiences as consumers, business customers have increasingly high expectations of their B2B online e-commerce experience. Personalization presents a great opportunity to improve the buying experience, conversion and customer satisfaction, especially for manufacturers and wholesalers.

AI and B2B e-commerce: a perfect match

With so many products, customers, buyer roles, and touchpoints, offering personalized buying experiences adds a lot of value for your customers, especially in B2B. This whitepaper provides tips and insights on how to set up a B2B online store that responds as intelligently and accurately as your best-trained salespeople.

You will learn:
  • Why is personalization essential for B2B e-commerce?
  • How can Artificial Intelligence help you create relevant customer journeys in B2B?
  • Quick and easy introduction to personalization – what do you need to do?
  • How does your business benefit from AI-powered personalization?

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How can AI & personalization boost your online business?

Chi Shing Chang
Co-founder of SPARQUE.AI, an Intershop company
“The digital experience of B2B customers generally does not yet match the quality of service provided at the counter, on the phone, or by sales representatives. It needs to be much better because customers choose online with the expectation of finding efficient and accurate ordering processes. This whitepaper explains how AI can help you deliver an intelligent, personalized experience to your customers. AI offers you the opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors and strengthen your business! I’m excited to see how this whitepaper will inspire you.”

This whitepaper is a practical guide for making
AI successful in your B2B e-commerce organization. Enjoy!